Engineering & Manufacturing

SteveSteven Muhlhauser: Equipment Designer & Project Manager
Sales, Equipment Design, Sales Concept Designs & 3D Specialist
Direct Line: 360-855-1213
Alma Mater: Green River Community College
Programs Used: AutoCad, SolidWorks, Catia, KeyCreator & MasterCAM

After graduating Green River Community College in 2010, Steven re-entered college with the main focus on CAD Design. After starting as an intern for college credit, Steven quickly established his place in the company with assisting in CAD Design. Steven will work with our customers from a doodle on a napkin to a full blown 3D model showing all the elements of what Sound Ocean is trying to offer. Often seen on-site for installation, Steven is also responsible for web design, marketing, and advertising.

Mike NewtonMike Newton: Shop Manager
Baader Specialist, Production Manager, & Project Management
Direct Line: 360-855-1213
Experience: 30+ Years in Food & Seafood Processing
Alma Mater: University of Mississippi

Joining Sound Ocean in Early 2015, Mike Newton brings several decades of experience in the Seafood Industry to our company. After spending over two decades with Trident Seafoods as a project manager, there isn’t much in this business that Mike hasn’t seen or been apart of. Known for spending months on end in Alaska, Mike still assists on the on-site installations but mainly Mike currently oversees the production of Sound Ocean’s equipment and insures that finest possible product comes out of our shop.

Tim STim Shostad: Welding Production Manager
Welding Specialist, Machinist & Conveyor System Expert
Direct Line: 360-855-1213
Experience: 20+ Years in Manufacturing

Tim runs the day to day operations of the welding and fabrication shop. With several dozens welders to manage everyday, Tim’s hands on approach and calm demeanor make for a pleasant and highly effective working environment. Having one of the longest tenures at Sound Ocean there isn’t much Tim Shostad hasn’t seen or dealt with, making his knowledge of machinery, conveyors, and equipment highly reliable. Customers have every bit of confidence in the shop Shostad is managing.

Ricky “Dutch” Schultz : Quality Assurance Manager & Safety Representative
Preventative Defect Specialist & American Steel Expert
Direct Line: 360-929-4294
Alma Mater: NAVY

Dutch works closely with Engineering and department heads to make sure the overall process is being done according to print and monitors the welding process to prevent blemishes, weak spots and defects in the final product. With a background in steel erection, Dutch is a go-to-guy to sign off on welds and will often work with customers and deal with their concerns (if any) before allowing a product to be shipped. As of Spring 2015 Dutch has taken the role of our companies’ safety coordinator and manages and assures all aspects of safety regulations in the shop and in the field.