Specialty Items

Here at Sound Ocean Metal Fabricators Ltd. our main products are one-offs or custom machinery, however due to a high demand and their reliability Sound Ocean Metal can produce the following at a fast turn around time with a guarantee in craftsmanship and durability. For more information on the products listed below and how they can help your system feel free to contact our sales team.

Sound Ocean Metal Fabricators, Ltd. has extensive experience designing, fabricating and installing RSW systems for the receiving and storage of fish. This includes RYCO fish pumps, dewater conveyor, RYCO weigh systems, inspection, sort, distribution into the tanks, prefabricated tanks, as well as the tank discharge to the processing factory. The system is designed so as not to lose the RSW during the discharge cycle by returning the chilled water to the tank with a separate circulation line. SOMF will work with the refrigeration contractor to assure the proper chilling and circulation equipment sizing and installation is compatible to meet the processor’s facility requirements.

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