Mike UngerMike Unger: Sales Engineer
Sanitary Systems Specialist, Custom Solutionist & Waste System Expert
Direct Line: 360-333-7793
Hobbies: Professional Drag Racing, Gold Mining & Vintage Restorations

Mike entered Sound Ocean with a background in Construction Waste Recycling, Marine Equipment & Recycling Equipment, obtained from 25+ years in his respected industry. Mike Unger brings to Sound Ocean a “hands on” approach to his projects and is not afraid to hit the road to meet face-to-face to discuss a potential project. His knack comes in many forms and with a diverse set of skills in: hydraulics, mechanics, sea-lifts, Seafood, Recycling, and general conveyor assembly; Mike will be sure to guide you in the right path. In addition to being an excellent sales rep, Mike has added a new skill set and notched out a new asset in the form of Sanitation Systems and Solutions. In Sanitary Systems Mike will be able to assist farmers, beer brewers, produce growers and distributors in finding a way to conserve their product’s self life, taste, and overall production.

tonyTony Hernandez: Sales Engineer
Detail Man, Custom Designs & Maritime & Vessel Operations Expert
Direct Line: 425-301-0117
Alma Mater: NAVY

Since 2001 Tony continues to excel at meeting a customer’s unique requirements, deadlines and ensuring each product is met with Sound Ocean’s signature level of precision and detail. With a background that goes back nearly two decades in manufacturing, Seafood, Maritime, and custom designs; Tony works with the customer to ensure the concept will be a success and meet their system requirements. Tony evaluates most customer’s needs on-sight and due to his background in CAD operating and welding, he is able to effectively illustrate the product. Tony believes in operating with high efficiency both in sales and in production and with his skills ranging from mechanics to design, he is sure to make your production line’s optimization reliable and durable for years to come.